Why You Should Market Your Service Business To Senior Citizen’s Facilities

Just about every service type business may benefit by marketing thier want to “Senior Citizen’s Homes”. This is especially true if you are just starting out and your calendar is empty, or in your slow times.

Now I’m not referring to marketing on the senior citizen’s directly, I’m talking about marketing for the facility that they can are now living in. There are three main forms of facilities, Independant Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing. Most service businesses will market to the first two, and some service business can market to the Nursing.

Here are some from the kinds of businesses successfully marketing thier services to those “Senior Citizen’s Homes”: Musicians, Yoga Instructors, Photographers, Speakers, Hair/Beauty Stylists, Magicians, Clowns, scrapbooker’s, a lot more!

Almost every facility containing houses seniors comes with a “Activity Director”, who plans activitys daily for thier seniors. They are always seeking items to bring in for thier seniors to complete.

For example I know of your lady who runs a vintage/thrift store. She lowers old clothes and puts with a fashion show while using seniors because models.

There’s a photographer who goes in with her camera and takes portaits from the seniors and sells the photos for many dollars.

Personally I am a magician, and in most cases I am brought in to do magic shows at “monthly birthday parties” for your seniors.

There’s an experienced speaker that goes into and does a talk about being scammed. You always hear on the news about seniors being scammed through the latest “too good actually was offer”.

Now understand that several facilities is one a small budget, so I aren’t getting my full fee when I do my show. I discount my show for seniors during my slow times during the year, this also helps keeps my schedule 12 month round and my bills paid. In addition to money, you might be also conducting a good deed by marketing your intend to seniors.

tv series club of selling your plan to seniors is basically that you get free experience of those who are capable of hire you at your full fee. For example, let’s imagine you’re a photographer and you also will end up in a perform a congrats taking photos in the seniors. You aren’t just being seen from the seniors, but the staff also sees you together with knows what you do. So if a staff member is organising a wedding, or perhaps the facility is arranging a corporate event…guess who they’re going to !

Another great thing about marketing to these facilities is that they are simple to find, just open your classifieds and start calling or mailing!

Isaac Louie

About the Author
Isaac Louie is a professional magician operating out of Seattle, WA. Isaac has additionally written a “how-to” course for entertainers () regarding how to market thier services to seniors citizens facilities.