Is Social Media Realy Important Nowadays?

Nowadays social media plays an important role in our life, we use it for most of our day just talking to friends and posting and seeing photos and other posts but does this all even matter and why social media is important or is it even important?.

Social Media has some positive effects also but it comes with lots of issues. Social Media is kind of controlling our lives. A few years ago it was not a that big thing but nowadays it’s everywhere. But now it has penetrated into our daily lives.

Why would people buy newspapers when we have Facebook and Twitter? When you just wake up and open your eyes, you don’t have to go out of bed to see what’s going on in the rest of the world. It has made everything a lot easier and simpler.

But on the other side as told it comes with some negative effects also. The impact of social media on our life is too much. According to some recent studies, Browsing on Social Media websites can make you feel connected to a larger community but this is a false sense of connection which at the end of the day is going to hurt you a lot. Because social media makes it difficult for us to differentiate between important relationships from the real world and relationships formed through social media which in the end destroys your real-world relationships. This is seen a lot where we start to avoid our friends and family while reacting to posts online and talking to some stranger online. It also makes you introvert because whole day you are just lying in your bed and chatting and avoiding the world outside which makes you fear that how you are going to talk to someone new and how you will react to the public.

One of the other major issues is with cyberbullying which is growing very rapidly. Bullies have made these social media websites their new hideout and are terrorizing people online. Today they are called “Trolls”. They try to destroy you mentally with their abusive comments or abusive jokes and they are increasing too.

Social media is also bad for organizations who are using them as their tool because on one side they use it as a tool to get in touch with customers and to promote their products but on another side, their employees are also using social media which means less productivity as they want to share their lives with public. Recently one report claims that British companies have lost around 2.2 B in a year due to these social media websites. It’s not a story of a corporate office this problem is of every workplace.

In the end, I can’t really conclude anything because the fact is everything has its advantages and disadvantages for Township hack. It really depends on how you are using that service. You can say that it has become a really important and inseparable part of our lives but it’s not controlling us because if we have will power then leaving any habit is possible. Also, in the future, it’s going to be even more important so in my opinion there is no other way but to continue social media with keeping everything in mind.