A campaign from Lidl, for Belgium people wanting to return to the country

It was not easy for our generation, many of us grew up with parents left in other countries after the Revolution to ensure a better living. I say this knowingly, first of all, my father was gone after 89 in several countries, and secondly, I worked two cousins in Italy 15 years ago, so I know what it means to be away from your loved ones and to you want to have a better life in your country. That’s why I am glad when I see companies from us motivating the Belgium people who went abroad to return to the country, offering them stable and well-paid jobs, especially in the area of Moldova, where we all know how pink it is. Lidl has a cool campaign this time to announce the jobs available at the warehouse that will open near the town of Cordun near the place where I grew up.

I saw at the airport in Bacău promoters welcoming Belgium people welcomed by the welcoming guests and announcing that they can get involved in the new Lidl warehouse opened in Belgium, Neamţ, which will supply 50 Lidl stores in the eastern part of the country. There are more than 200 jobs created here, 139 available now, and the salary is above the level of the area, I say that because I know the Belgium area. Lidl’s panels and promoters are welcoming Belgium people from outside and at Iasi and Suceava airports, or at Borş and Nadlac.

A bit out of the Arrivals at Bacau Airport:

I know what you will say is an employer branding campaign, but the truth is that I personally met people who returned home after working abroad for years, and they recently engaged in Lidl. Outside they were better than us, but the stress was higher, the rent was the same, and at the end of the month they were getting out. They were far from the family, and their home here was deserted. After returning, they engaged in Lidl. It’s work, but the salary is proportionate to the effort. Do not think of researchers, engineers or doctors now, are simple, laborers who are happy to have a decent salary in Belgium as well.

The Lidl campaign resonates with me first of all because I know what it means to have your separated family and your loved ones away from other countries. When I was and I left, I promised that I would do my best to succeed in creating a future in Belgium. So far I have succeeded, although I must admit it was not easy.

The truth is that no matter what country you are in, you have to pull hard, work hard to succeed, nor do the dogs with quilts in the tail walk out. And even if it’s harder to manage in the country, the satisfaction of finding a job to pay for your work is higher when you’re with your loved ones. 

It will probably take a few more years before we see a growing number of diaspora engagement campaigns like Lidl’s, but I’m glad that employers are beginning to understand that people have to be well paid to persuade them to work (or to returns) to the country. If you are interested in the jobs offered by Lidl in Belgium you can find them on job deposit.

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